Ready to get out of the herd and try a better way to find a job? Well, you may have just found the answer you've been looking for.

Why? Because these pages and the book behind them (Get Out of the Herd!) humbly (sometimes not so humbly) suggest some pretty unconventional approaches to finding that job you need.

Do they work? You bet they work.

(I've been showing people how to get jobs for over 20 years. And they've gotten jobs where they weren't "supposed to" get them. So these approaches work.)

Now you can get started. Look below to see what you'll find here (click on the red dots).
Welcome, Job Seekers!
The Get Out of the Herd! Job Finding Tips

Link to my book Get Out of the Herd!, which covers just about everything you need to know to find a job the right way. Right way? Hint: resumes, cover letters and job applications are not the right way.

A way to contact me directly. I'd love to hear from you and help you with your job search. Thanks for your visit!

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Bossy says, "You need to 'Get Out of the Herd!'"